Weddings in Spain

Harry Rose Ceremonies can conduct you celebration in the Almeria region of Spain.

Civil marriage between foreign nationals is not generally possible in Spain unless at least one party to the marriage has been resident in Spain for a minimum of 2 years.

It may be possible to overcome the requirement (marrying in a Spanish Catholic Church for example) and still have the marriage legally recognised, although this condition is not enshrined in Spanish national law it is strictly enforced in all regions.

To avoid complications, why not have a civil marriage at home (a basic registry office ceremony), and opt for a marriage celebration in Spain which you can hold in a stunning location in front of friends and family. After all, if you are declaring your love for one another in front of your nearest and dearest it doesn’t matter what country you have conducted the legal part in!

The Almeria region of Spain offers breathtaking settings for your marriage celebration ceremony or an exchange of vows. On a beach, in a castle at the side of a mountain, the list is endless. The point is that it is personal and intimate and exactly as you choose. It feels just like a real marriage with the exchanging of vows and rings, except that the legal side of things has already been taken care of.

Many smaller Spanish venues now offer a marriage celebration with outside pergolas, a red carpet and chairs laid out in beautiful style, they even print ceremony booklets.

Weddings in Almeria, Spain

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*Spanish Hotel Venues

Spanish marriages tend to be huge affairs and hotels are sometimes reluctant to accommodate smaller marriages if that means losing a more profitable larger one. However smaller, more intimate venues are always worth considering.


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