Symbolic Ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies offer couples an alternative option to reflect their values and beliefs.One of the most wonderful things in life is making the decision to promise and commit to one person. Special moments of celebration for couples who desire to declare their love and commitment to one another are truly special.

The exchange of rings, which often takes place during wedding ceremonies, can also be incorporated into a symbolic ceremony. There are many other options which can help you to express your feelings and which will make your ceremony totally unique.

Symbolic ceremonies can also be perfect for renewing your vows.

Symbolic ceremonies offer same gender couples an occasion to express their intentions before friends and family. They can proudly proclaim their pledge of commitment and love to one another.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Personalised ceremonies for special occasions…

Symbolic ceremonies express a unique commitment to one another. They include:

Commitment: A symbolic ceremony which does not result in a legal marriage.

Unity Candle: A really moving wedding or partnership ceremony.

Unity Sand: Known all over the world for its beauty and sanctity.

Handfasting: Is a lovely spiritual ceremony.

Wine Ceremony: The fruit of the vine, a symbol of new life and celebration.

Jumping the Broom: A beautiful marriage ritual with its origin in both ancient Celtic and African cultures.


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