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Rose Exchanges

Roses are considered one of the most beautiful and romantic of flowers and orange roses signify passion, desire, enthusiasm and lust! Including a rose exchange within a ceremony is a signature feature of Harry Rose Ceremonies.

It’s great to give orange roses to a lover or someone you desire as they send a very bold message. The red rose signifies passion and the yellow rose represents friendship; orange roses are a cross-over between these two emotions. Orange roses are vibrant, cheerful and express fascination.

In a rose ceremony, after the bride and groom have exchanged wedding rings many couples also choose to give one another a single rose. The rose symbolises the many sentiments and emotions of marriage.

Orange roses

A bouquet of orange roses represents a bridge, crossing from feelings of friendship to the emotion of emerging love. Imagine a fire sparking in someone's soul, orange roses represent the heat of passion.

When you exchange roses and words during the ceremony you may wish to consider using words like appreciation, companionship, devotion, tolerance, compassion, sharing, loyalty, reliability, understanding and wisdom.

On wedding anniversaries many couples place a rose in a chosen location in their home as a recommitment of their marriage vows and at those times when it might be difficult to find the right words… a rose can say them for you.


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