Naming Ceremonies

A name is very important, it makes us unique, and it gives us our identity. Naming ceremonies can be held for babies or children of any age.

A naming ceremony is an opportunity to speak about the hopes and wishes that you have for your child, and the significance of their name.

The ceremony can reflect the values that you hold and these may be reflected in the readings and/or music you choose for the ceremony. You could also include a candle-lighting.

A naming ceremony is not a religious ceremony so does not take the place of a baptism or christening, but it is an alternative.

Instead of Godparents, the child has ‘Guide Parents’, or if you prefer, ‘Supporting Adults, Guardians or Mentors. As well as being an option to welcome new babies, a naming ceremony is ideally suited to welcome an adopted child or to embrace stepchildren into the family.


The ceremony has no legal status and is not legally binding. However it provides a meaningful opportunity to declare before family and friends your pledge to be good parents or grandparents or confirm friend and/or family commitments to your child.

Creating Your Own Ceremony

A personal and meaningful naming ceremony can be created when parents write their own words. Naming ceremonies can take place on any day, although most are held at weekends, and at any time to suit you and your child or children.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Personalised ceremonies for special occasions…

Choice of venue

This is entirely your choice. Your own home or garden, others hire a hall, hotel or a more unusual location. If you wish to hold a celebration in a public place, a park or the beach for example, make sure you have permission. If in doubt, check with your local authority.

*The naming ceremony has no legal status so your baby’s birth must still be registered at a local registry office within the legal time frame.


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